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Welcome to the Polystyrene Association of South Africa. We represent a group of like-minded companies and individuals who are passionate about recycling and our environment. We believe that polystyrene has a significant contribution to make to society - not only through its ability to make life more convenient, but also through its recyclability, versatility and ability to touch lives.

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About us

The Polystyrene Association of SA (previously known as the Polystyrene Packaging Council) started its operations in February 2007. Representing the major players in South Africa's polystyrene manufacturing industry, the Association has expanded its operations to become a facilitator between the recyclers and suppliers of recycled polystyrene (post-consumer and post-industrial), and the buyers representing the various end-markets.

Over the past five years in particular, some of the members of the Polystyrene Association supplying to the fast food and take away industries, have more than doubled their sales volumes. This increase has largely come from the informal food sector selling "food on the go" in the form of hawker trade, spaza shops, corner cafe-take aways, canteens, feeding schemes, home industry, walkway entrepreneurs and the catering industry. This increase in use has understandably resulted in an increase in the amount of packaging that needed to be recycled, and placed the need for finding a sustainable answer for its recyclability at the top of the Council's agenda.

Smaller, independent fast food operators and vendors continue to rely on polystyrene for their food packaging solutions, as it is affordable and offers superior insulation. As a result, polystyrene also serves to curb food waste, with the degree of safety and sturdiness it offers to reduce product damage during handling or transportation also a key feature. Our consistent work and effort to get the various recycling initiatives off the ground, is finally paying off and we are excited to finally see a marked increase in the amount of polystyrene that is being diverted into our projects and away from landfill.

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