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Polystyrene food packaging holds several benefits for the consumer, including:

Polystyrene provides the superior insulating quality that helps to hold food at the optimal eating or drinking temperature longer than many alternatives.

This helps to guard against waste. Today's busy lifestyle requires the convenience of affordable and quick take-away meals.

Only about 5% of foam packaging is polystyrene, the rest is air.

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Fast Facts

Polystyrene packaging meets the demands of today's modern lifestyles by offering an economical and high quality food service product.

  • In the food sector, the degree of safety offered by a packaging material is a critical component in its evaluation
  • Over 50 years of experience, tradition & safe use
  • A true pioneer in food packaging applications
  • In-depth knowledge of the food industry built over the last 50 years
  • One of the most scrutinized plastics in the world ensuring safety for users
  • Superior hygiene guaranteed
  • Protects food from bacteria and moisture
  • Guaranteed quality and longer shelf life
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