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We believe that polystyrene has a significant contribution to make to society - not only through its ability to make life more convenient, but also through its recyclability and versatility. Over the last 9 years of the association's existence, a large network of polystyrene collectors and recyclers across the country has been put together.

As long as it is reasonably clean, there is a huge demand for polystyrene that currently outweighs the supply.

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The association is constantly working hard to facilitate and raise the awareness of polystyrene recycling in SA, together with creating ways of getting more material out of our waste streams going to landfill and into recycling end markets. The facilitation role that has been played by the Association has contributed to the exponential growth in the recycling rate.

By focussing on the development of end markets we have achieved a high demand for material. The following are current end-markets together with their monthly demand for recycled polystyrene and are all Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) focused projects:

  • Decor market - 400 tons per month
  • Building market - 250 tons per month
  • Beads projects - 10 tons per month
  • Tutudesk - 10 tons per month
  • Breadtags for wheelchairs - 2 tons per month

The total polystyrene packaging market for 2017 was estimated to be 43,100 tons from which 37,885 tons were available for collection. Total PS collected was 6,350 tons, from which approximately 6,000 tons of polystyrene was recycled - giving SA a PS recycling rate of approximately 16%. With new developments as part of our Industry Waste Management Plan (IWMP), targets have been set to increase polystyrene recycling in South Africa to 63.7% (27,870 tons) per annum by 2023.

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