The Polystyrene Association of SA was established in 2009 with the purpose of promoting Polystyrene as a packaging material of choice and educating customers and consumers about the facts of Polystyrene. The material is often misunderstood and many myths exist around the safety, use and recyclability of this product.

The Polystyrene Association is a non-profit product responsibility organization (PRO). The activities of the Association are funded by convertors of polystyrene packaging in South Africa, thereby ensuring that extended producer responsibilities are met.

Our primary objectives are to coordinate the efforts of the various industry players in order to demonstrate a commitment to the environment through collection and recycling, and to communicate the safety, health and hygiene attributes of polystyrene packaging to consumers. 

The Polystyrene Association aims to minimize the environmental impact of post-consumer and post-industrial Polystyrene by driving efforts to effectively collect and recycle all packaging polystyrene through our various empowerment projects.  We are passionate about being an industry sector that makes a real difference to the socio-economic fibre of our country by contributing to job creation, economic growth and providing convenience to the consumer.

Thanks to customers and consumers growing in their understanding and insight about polystyrene recycling, more end-markets are being development, which in turn, drives the demand for the material.  The demand for polystyrene to recycle currently outweighs the supply due to lack of material being separated at source and must be addressed.