Polystyrene packaging meets the demands of today’s modern lifestyles by offering an economical and high-quality food service product.

  • In the food sector, the degree of safety offered by a packaging material is a
    critical component in its evaluation
  • Over 50 years of experience, tradition and safe use
  • A true pioneer in food packaging applications
  • In-depth knowledge of the food industry built over the last 50 years
  • One of the most scrutinized plastics in the world ensuring safety for users
  • Superior hygiene guaranteed
  • Protects food from bacteria and moisture
  • Guaranteed quality and longer shelf life

Polystyrene food packaging holds several benefits for the consumer, including:

  • Only about five percent (5 %) of foam packaging is polystyrene, the rest is air.
  • Polystyrene provides the superior insulating quality that helps to hold food at the
    optimal eating or drinking temperature longer than many alternatives.
  • This helps to guard against waste. Today’s busy lifestyle requires the convenience of affordable and quick take-away meals.